A GROUP of Bournemouth University students have teamed up with a national charity to make an HIV awareness documentary.

Living Positive is a three-part film made with the Terrance Higgins Trust, featuring interviews from HIV advocates who will be sharing their knowledge and experiences of living with HIV

The first video focuses on HIV diagnosis, the second on how those on effective treatment can’t pass on the virus to others, and how, in turn, this allows people living with HIV to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life. To conclude, the final part champions the work of Terrence Higgins Trust, and the advances in science, medicine and societal views towards the topic of HIV and sexual health.

The partnership is being led by Bournemouth University student Ollie Tunmore, who is working closely with the charity to create the piece for a graduate project.

Ollie said: "I derived the idea whilst on placement, having used THT’s services during my time in Brighton personally. The idea came to me after a routine check-up and the ball started rolling the day after.

"I pitched the idea to the team and then worked on various alternatives throughout the summer, before concreting an idea, title, cast and carrying out production once returning to Bournemouth to complete my final year of studies."

Sue Riley, Positive Voices campaign leader at Terrence Higgins Trust, said: ""We hope the film will allow people to see that living with HIV is by no means a death sentence any more, and that you can continue to live a full, happy, healthy life."