THE chief executive of BCP has said changing key policy positions agreed by the shadow authority, such as reversing the controversial council tax harmonisation, is “legally doable.”

Graham Farrant is set to meet group leaders on Friday to progress proposals for an alliance-run council. Meanwhile, Cllr Bob Lawton, who was elected as the new leader of BCP Conservatives on Tuesday, also intends to try to put an administration together.

Mr Farrant acknowledged there would be pressure from different areas for quick change. For instance, Christchurch Independents want council tax in the borough to be reduced to the levels of Bournemouth and Poole from next year - it was the biggest issue during the election campaign. Along with the Lib Dems and Poole People’s Party, they also want autonomous planning boards for each town.

In Poole there is a feeling there should be town and neighbourhood councils as have been set up in Christchurch. Mr Farrant said: “All this is legally doable. With the planning boards we would have to ensure legality and robustness. In terms of the council tax, we have got options. They all have an impact on the budget but we can take a look at it. The original decision on council tax was reached by a majority of councillors. The new council may reach a different decision.”

He added: “The challenge will be getting clarity on the big objectives. What I don’t want is the political noise to get in the way of achieving those.

“My job is to support all 76 members and that has a different nuance. I have always worked with all parties.” Mr Farrant was chief executive at Thurrock, also a hung council. “We developed a strategy and we got some good things done. We will make it work here. One of the most important elements in all of this is making sure we value the heritage of each town.” The ‘alliance’ meeting will include the Liberal Democrats, Christchurch Independents, PPP, Labour and the Bournemouth group of Independents and Greens.