THE leader of the fourth largest group on Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council says he wants any administration his group is involved with to represent the whole community.

Cllr Mark Howell, leader of Poole People, who won seven seats in Thursday’s election, said he had spoken to the established parties and hoped to hold talks with Christchurch Independents this week to try and find common ground.

Asked if Poole People would consider a partnership with the Conservatives, who fell three seats short of a council majority, Cllr Howell said: “No is the simple answer. However, we recognise a considerable number of people have Conservative values and we feel they have been poorly served by their Conservative councillors in the previous authorities.

“We would not want to run an administration that only served a portion of the electorate. We would want an administration that acts for everybody and brings everybody together. At the same time, the identity and democracy of the three towns should be strengthened.”