THE Liberal Democrats enjoyed a massive resurgence in Poole spearheaded by stalwarts Vikki Slade and Mike Brooke.

They polled a staggering 2,890 votes each in Broadstone and picked 15 seats on BCP.

Cllr Brooke said: “We are delighted at the outcome and we would like to thank the people of Broadstone for putting their trust in us again.

“We hope that the Liberal Democrats will be able to play a big part in the future direction of the council.”

Cllr Slade, who has been the party’s parliamentary candidate in Poole said she was ecstatic at the showing.

She has indicated she will try to work both across parties and across the conurbation to put together a non Conservative administration.

“I believe we can put forward a progressive alliance that will work in the best interests of residents across the whole conurbation.

“It would not be right simply to allow the Conservatives to walk back in.”

The group’s leader on Poole Council before its abolition at the end of March said their performance was “absolutely fantastic”, although he said they had had a target of 20 seats.

“We did particularly well in Poole but our vote was strong elsewhere as well, including taking one – almost two – seats in Christchurch Town.

“If the merger had not happened we would have taken overall control of Poole council.”

The former Conservative leader of Poole, Janet Walton, who was leader of the shadow authority was comprehensively defeated in Oakdale by Peter Miles of Poole People and Felicity Rice (ALL).

Mrs Walton, who was unable to attend the count because of a broken wrist, told the Echo: “It has been a great privilege to serve the people of Poole and the ward of Oakdale for a number of years, I wish the newly-elected councillors success for the future.

“However, I am now very concerned that without strong Conservative representation from Poole and Christchurch, the new council will be a Bournemouth takeover - as many of us feared it might be.”

Her fellow Poole council cabinet members John Challinor and Ian Potter also lost their seats.

In Canford Heath there was a clean sweep for the Liberal Democrats with Chris Matthews, Sandra Moore and Pete Parrish. Current mayor Sean Gabriel did not get elected.

The Poole People’s Party took the clean sweep of Poole town centre, with leader Mark Howell, Andy Hadley and L-J Evans. They each took over 1,500 votes.

One of the casualties was Conservative former mayor Xena Dion.

In Hamworthy, two People’s Party candidates were elected, Julie Bagwell and Daniel Butt along with Mike White for the Conservatives.

The Lib Dems swept the board in Alderney and Bourne Valley with Toby Johnson, Rachel Maidment and Tony Trent and also in Bearwood and Merley with Marcus Andrews, David Brown and Richard Burton winning.

In Canford Cliffs, Tories May Haines and Mohan Iyengar were elected.