IT was business as usual as the Tories claimed the majority of seats in the New Forest.

However, the party did not steamroll the election.

Instead, the party lost out on ten seats with the Tories now retaining 46 seats, while the Liberal Democrats now have 13 seats and one seat is held by independent member Jacqui England in the Lymington Town ward.

Liberal Democrat candidate, Councillor Hilary Clare, who will now represent the Lyndhurst ward said she was "amazed at the result."

She added:" Lyndhurst is a very Conservative area so I did not expect to be voted in.

"I did do a lot of door knocking as I thought it was important to speak to people and explain what they were voting for."

Hilary scooped the position beating Bill Andrews from the Conservative Party by 24 votes.

Cllr Edward Heron, deputy leader of the council was re-elected for the Downlands and Forest ward.

When asked if he was confident about the elections he said: "I'm never confident.

"I want to keep the Downlands and Forest ward as a prosperous area and I want people to have access to training for good jobs."

Conservative candidate Tony Ring who will represent the Ringwood East and Sopley ward said: "The turnout is depressing.

"People are just fed up with Westminster politics."

Cllr Diane Andrews, who was elected for the Minstead ward unopposed, said: "It's a protest vote.

"People are angry and they want to lash out and this is the only way they can.

"National politics has had a huge impact on the results."

The district turn out was 32.39%