IT took the efforts of many, many people over nearly three years to get our zig-zag path replaced. Yet, yesterday, just 12 days after we celebrated with the 'people’s opening' ceremony, the vandalism has started.

The contractors erected straining wires all along the path – so obviously a good idea to provide a safeguard for young children who might otherwise fall and be seriously injured.

So what possesses some moronic individuals to leap up and down on the wire until it's pulled out of its socket and completely wrecked?

Never mind what it will cost all of us to repair such damage, what about the risk to life and limb? Have they no respect, no common sense, no sense of right and wrong?

We all carry cameras with us all the time. Why not photograph miscreants in the act and shame them by sharing the deed on social media?


Rothesay Drive, Highcliffe