POLICE are investigating after two crows were found hanged by the neck from a gate outside a TV presenter's New Forest home.

Chris Packham, a conservationist, filmmaker and naturalist, posted a photograph of the birds to Twitter today.

He said: "This was my gate this morning (it was vandalised).

"Hampshire police and lawyers have been informed."

He then asked a series of organisations – including shooting body BASC and Natural England – if they 'condoned' such behaviour.

"Serious request – replies expected," he added.

Some 2,500 people have since retweeted the initial post.

A spokesperson from Hampshire police said officers were called shortly before 7am.

"The incident took place between 8pm on April 24 and 6.50am today, April 25," the spokesperson said.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting 44190141581.