I CAN understand people having different reactions to the behaviours of those participating in the London Climate Protests.

However, reading comments on the Echo's Facebook page, I am both surprised and saddened at the level of ignorance shown by many contributors/readers of climate change itself.

Too many people seem to be in a state of denial, regarding an issue which was so well documented in Sir David Attenborough's 'Climate Change - the Facts' programme on BBC last week.

Comments as wayward as: "Climate change doesn't exist, it just is hot or cold and that is weather" were 'liked' by many.

As were equally unworthy comments such as "What about the summer of '76?" Or "The hottest Easter was...years ago...explain that? There is no such thing as climate change."

Then there were the standard ignorant political comments... "bunch of lefties", "snowflakes", "lazy slobs" ...and much worse, vented in relation to those taking part.

It appears that those with the strongest feelings are the ones who think they 'know it all' but are misguidedly ignorant and have a lot to learn from the younger generations who will inherit planet Earth from them.

On a lighter note two things come to mind.

If President Trump is short of accommodation on his State visit, I don't think he would be short of offers in Bournemouth!

I would be surprised if many of those who don't understand climate change, have dared venture much further out to sea than Old Harry, for fear of falling off the flat Earth!


Brownberrie Drive, Horsforth, West Yorkshire