I REGULARLY enjoy walks on our lovely seafront, but have noticed over the last two weeks that there has been a very large prominent out of date poster in the window of the Tourism Office. Not a good look for visitors or residents alike.

Three times on different days to different people at the TIC, I have pointed this out and although they are all aware it, they say they can do nothing. So I contacted Resort Information at the BCP council. They also say they have no control over this as the posters in the windows are hired by partners who work with the council. Apparently the next poster is not ready yet. Surely the out of date one can be taken down in the interim by someone? Apparently not, because it is still there on Easter Saturday advertising an event two weeks ago!

Shame, lovely weekend, lots of people looking to spend money, an opportunity missed to advertise something interesting and up to date.

Also, whilst delivering local election leaflets to several roads in my area, I noticed a lot of very old yellow planning notices still tied to lampposts. Some were two years old. I have in the past taken some down but do wonder if that is the only answer. If the objection date has passed and the work has been carried out, the people who put up new ones should perhaps take down out of date old ones. A pair of scissors is all that is required.


Burnham Drive, Queens Park, Bournemouth