WHILE I have sympathy with Friends of the Earth since they began in 1970 in their drive to cut CO2 they are still no more than a voice crying in the wilderness.

With global CO2 emissions from cars currently rising at an ever increasing rate now that China has entered the domestic car market and CO2 emissions from cars since 1970 having risen at an average of 2.5% annually with no sign of a halt let alone a decline then there is no sign that there is a public will to curtail car emissions.

What little efficiency the car makers have made in mpg has been altogether lost in the ever increasing size of the cars sold with their ever increasing bundles of electric gear running full blast, along with ever increasing rows of day lights burning on the front as though electricity in a car does not come with its own fuel penalty. And worse today carmakers have abandoned streamlining which once enabled cars to cut through the air and save on fuel consumption.

There being no sign that Mr and Mrs Average of 2019 will settle for the small cars produced in the UK in the 70s and instead are buying bigger and bigger cars that now barely fit into the supermarket car spaces and with most being foreign imports with all that CO2 emitted during delivery transport, I can't see anyone here waking up to climate change until hurricane winds blow off their house roofs and by then it's all too late.


Fraser Road, Poole