A WASTE company has applied for permission to open a new operation dealing with 30,000 tonnes of rubbish a year at Holton Heath Trading Park in Poole.

Veolia ES (UK) Ltd wants to physically sort and separate waste for disposal from the site which it says will consist of a vehicle depot, and offices and a separate transfer building handling 50 tonnes per day.

The transfer building will be split into bays for dry mixed recyclables including mixed paper, card and plastics, separately collected paper and card, separately collected glass and what it describes as residual black bag waste.

Veolia says the black bag waste should contain 'minimal putrescible wastes as separate food collections are in place and being taken direct to another facility.

"This new activity is a waste operation," said Veolia. "Treatment will be limited to physical sorting and separation only and no more than 50 tonnes per day for disposal."

It said the transfer station had been designed so that 'under normal operating conditions all waste will be removed by the end of each working day or at maximum of 24 hours from delivery'. "On occasions such as bank holidays these times may be extended to account for abnormal working patterns," said the company.

It said the residual black bag stream would be tipped in one of two bays operating on a first in, first out basis, 'whereby each bay is loaded and unloaded consecutively in order to minimise the potential for odour generation'.

It plans that all waste should be tipped within the building then loaded onto bulk articulated vehicles for onward recycling, recovery or disposal.

"The building is fitted with fast action roller doors. All loading and unloading of waste vehicles will take place with the building with doors closed. Under normal operation conditions the site will be clear of residual waste at the end of each working day or within 24 hours maximum," it said.

Objections or observations must be made directly to the Environment Agency, by the end of the consultation process on May 2 at the following web address: https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/psc/bh16-6lt-veolia-es-uk-limited/consultation/intro/