MUGENKYO, the UK’s original touring Taiko Tribe, are back on the road with a new show of skill, stamina and red-hot rhythms.

A tour spokesman said: "In their 25th year as Europe’s longest established Taiko organisation, Mugenkyo celebrate the growth of their tribe of performers from across the globe with the latest captivating performance of sharp synchronisation, dramatic choreography and sumptuous soundscapes, all wrapped up in a breath-taking display of high energy and powerful rhythms played on huge Taiko drums."

Formed in 1994, Mugenkyo are at the forefront of the Taiko art-form in Europe, forging a new path with their innovative approach honed by years on the touring circuit. In recent years they have developed their unique style still further, fusing the traditional Taiko spirit with a modern image and sound, dramatic lighting, theatricality and humour, and a contemporary musical sensibility that has captivated audiences the world over.

As well as their extensive touring, Mugenkyo have just released their sixth album Way of the Drum and have also released three concert DVDs, making them the most prolific Taiko group outside Japan. Mugenkyo have appeared at the Brit Awards and television shows including BBC Last Night of the Proms as they push the boundaries of the art-form with their genre-crossing collaborations, from the highly acclaimed The World of the Gods with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra to the fiddle, tabla and Indian dance piece created for the Edinburgh Mela Festival.

Mugenkyo Drummers: Tribe 25 arrive at Lighthouse Poole on Tuesday, May 14 at

7.45pm (Theatre)/ Tickets: £23