A SO-CALLED "deadly pollen bomb" could strike Dorset over the Easter weekend.

The Met Office is predicting a predominantly fine, dry and settled bank holiday weekend for much of the UK, with the mercury hitting the high teens and low 20s on Saturday and Sunday in southern England.

But the warmer conditions could be bad news for hay fever and asthma sufferers, with the national weather service forecasting a high chance of pollen, stretching from the south west of England up as far as Scotland on Saturday.

The anticipated heatwave has prompted concerns about a "pollen bomb" over the Easter weekend.

Sonia Munde, head of services for Asthma UK, said: "A deadly pollen bomb is due to hit this week, putting people with asthma at risk of a potentially life-threatening asthma attack.

"Around 3.3 million people with asthma are affected by pollen, which can cause symptoms such as wheezing, a tight chest or coughing.

"Trees have been releasing their pollen for several weeks, but the warm spring weather is going to make these pollen levels spike."