A DOCUMENTARY is being made about a group of bus drivers who created a stage adaptation of Alien that debuted in Wimborne and ended up being performed in the West End.

In 2013, a team of bus drivers who worked for the Wilts and Dorset bus company decided to put on a stage play of Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic at the Allendale Centre under the name Paranoid Dramatics.

The drivers worked for six months to put on the show which captured the imagination of Lucy Harvey.

Lucy and a friend made a special trip from London to Wimborne just to see the show and Lucy loved it so much she organised a one-night only performance to take place in London’s West End at the Leicester Square Theatre in June 2015.

Now Lucy and her friend Danielle Kummer, a filmmaker and editor based in London, have started creating a documentary about the making of Alien on Stage and the people behind it.

Lucy and Danielle have launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hope of raising £10,000 so they can complete the documentary which it is hoped will be shown in Wimborne and London around Christmas time.

So far Lucy and Danielle are half-way towards their target with the help of 82 backers with another 15 days left to raise the remaining amount.

Lucy said: "We captured the fact they they didn't even know how magical they were. It had an older generation and a younger generation coming together in a really unique way."

"It's just people having fun without being precious about it," she added.

She described the play as "one of the best things we've ever seen" and a "comedy, indie DIY version" of Ridley Scott's sci-fi gothic horror.

Speaking of the documentary, Lucy said: "It's a totally joyful, uplifting celebration of ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

"It's a labour of love, celebrating community and what people can achieve in their spare time," she added.

This year marks 40 years since the release of Alien starring Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt and Tom Skerritt.

The film cost around £11m to make and spawned a franchise.

To make a donation towards the documentary, visit kickstarter.com/projects/daniellekummer/alien-on-stage-the-documentary