LESS THAN three days after a festering row of bins and household rubbish from a Boscombe street was cleared it's all back again.

But, according to desperate homeowner Peter Walker - who says the mess attracts rats and ends up all over his garden - the council insist the bins are on private land.

“I was told 'this is a private matter' and 'you need to take it up with the Managing Agents' " said Mr Walker, who lives in Boscombe's Vale Road.

However, he claims the managing agents of the Grosvenor Court flats told him the bins 'have' to reside next to his fence because waste refusal operatives 'could not' move the bins by more than 10 metres.

"I am now at my wits' end, my wife and I are both in our mid 70s and if it came to pass that we could not maintain our property and had to sell, who is going to buy it with an outlook like this?" he asked.

He hit out at the new BCP authority claiming: "It's my opinion that if this problem had occurred in a more affluent part of Bournemouth it would have been sorted."

However, Larry Austin, Director of Environment at BCP Council said the council was 'engaging with both the landlord of Grosvenor Court flats and Mr Walker on an ongoing basis, most recently meeting Mr Walker on site yesterday (last Tuesday). "An enforcement action has been taken and the landlord has removed the fly-tipping on site," he said.

"The rubbish bins were placed in their current location within the grounds of the flats - next to Mr Walker's property - as the original bin store is located a considerable distance from the pavement and is too narrow for our refuse collectors to safely access the bins," he said.

"As with any rented accommodation, it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure the residents use the rubbish facilities provided by the council, appropriately, but as a result of this ongoing case, we will continue to monitor this situation and take necessary enforcement action if needed."

The council's approach to clearing mini fly-tips has already achieved success in another part of Boscombe after it managed to negotiate removal of a towering pile of unwanted household goods in an alley off Haviland Road.