VISITORS to the coastline are being warned to be safe and not go near cliff edges after a man put himself in “extreme danger”.

Rangers at Lulworth spotted the young man stood precariously close to a cliff edge at Stair Hole cove, which is located just west of the popular beauty spot Lulworth Cove.

One of the rangers went over to warn the man of the danger he was in where he was standing.

Posting a picture online to warn others, the rangers said: “We spotted this young man putting himself in extreme danger [on Thursday].

“One slip and things would have turned out very differently for him.”

Speaking to the Daily Echo after the incident, ranger Jim Gale said: “I’ve not seen anyone go down where he did before.

“We want to really emphasise the point over the Easter holidays to respect the coastline as it’s constantly changing. Keep away from the cliff edge and respect the warning signs.

“Stair Hole is the area just next to Lulworth Cove, and people always use the site.

“Where the gentleman was standing was a really dangerous position, it wasn’t safe for him to be there.

“We went down to give him some friendly advice. He was aware after we spoke to him of the danger he had put himself in. Also, it could have led to other people thinking it was safe to go there. It’s not responsible.

“It can be busy here during the holidays, and I would urge people to be safe around the coastline,” he added.

Other visitors to Dorset’s Jurassic coast have been spotted putting themselves in risky or dangerous situations recently.

Echo Camera Club member Colin Lee took a picture of people sat on the very tip at Old Harry Rocks last week, with the group risking a deadly drop to the rocky seabed below if they had fallen.