TWO flats in a single Poole block have been closed by the courts after drug paraphernalia was left lying around and residents ‘urinated and defecated’ in hallways.

The properties in Cormorant House, Norton Way were shut by magistrates after reports of ‘persistent’ bad behaviour from residents.

Dereck Cummins, who lived in Flat 21, and all the occupants living in Flat 6, including primary tenant Kerry Foster, were told not to return for three months.

Such orders are made as a last resort. However, a spate of closures have been ordered by the courts this year.

Ian Cooke, safety and communities manager of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council, said: “Closure orders have been obtained on the two flats following persistent and unacceptable behaviour from their residents, who are known to each other.

“The nuisance behaviour reported includes coming and going during the early hours with associated noise disruption.

“There has also been substance abuse and drug dealing with the debris being carelessly discarded.

“In addition, there was urinating and defecating in public areas.’’

Since January, nine flats in Bournemouth and Poole have been shut by the courts. They are:

  • Flat 1, Florence Court, 8 Boscombe Spa Road
  • Flat C, 32 Moore Avenue, Bournemouth
  • Flat 1, 109 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth
  • Flat L, 401 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth
  • Flat E, 111 Moore Avenue, Bournemouth
  • 23 Warren Road, Poole
  • Flat 3, 40 Hamilton Road, Boscombe
  • Flat 3, Wingfield Court Manor Road, Bournemouth

The property in Eldon Place was first closed by the courts in December. An extension was granted in March.

Neighbours had complained to police and the council of ‘anti-social behaviour, persistent disorder and nuisance’.

At the end of the order, those evicted can return unless an extension is sought.

More than 4,000 households are currently on Bournemouth’s housing register.

Matthew King, the council’s enforcement and anti-social behaviour manager, said: “The initial three months gives the community the necessary respite from disturbance and often breaks the cycle.”

In December, a three-bed home at 27 Northcote Road, Bournemouth was closed by the courts after reports of “serious nuisance and disorder”. It has now been let to new occupants.