PARENTS will find out the primary school where their child has been offered a place tomorrow.

Although most will be offered one of their top three choices, many will also be disappointed and will be considering the appeals process.

The Good Schools Guide has issued advice to parents who are worried about their options.

A spokesman said: "You must accept the place you’ve been offered. Tracking down an alternative over the next month is not out of the question, but if the initial offer is not accepted, there’s a chance that your child won’t have any school to attend come September.

"Once you’ve accepted the place, write down the schools you would have preferred and attempt to get onto their waiting lists – this can even be schools not on your original application. Between now and the beginning of the new academic year all kinds of moving around happens and some places are bound to materialise."

The spokesman also suggested parents have a closer look at the school they have been allocated and added: "There’s a chance that you have been making a judgement based on out of date information."

And parents were warned against letting children know they don't like the school where they've been given a place.

"If you’re negative about the school but then fail to find another one, your child may start at the new school feeling they’re starting a seven-year sentence."