THE opinions on Britain now coming in from around the world that our internal divisions and dithering over Brexit have exposed is frightening.

The country that everyone once looked up to and gave advice that was, as they all say, 'taken without question', is being now exposed for what it really is, 'a shambles' and questions are now being asked about the validity of British advice given daily to so many over so many past years.

They all now say, 'If Britain is so confused about how to reach a decision as important as Brexit, a decision that is more important than any since 1946 then what validity can ever be placed on the advice it still offers to everyone else today?'

The answer seems to be, 'a Britain that once fooled the whole world most of the time, will now be unable to fool any part of the world at any time'.

As the Americans said last week 'They have never seen a previously stable country collapsing as fast as this one'.

Even worse, the gamblers are moving in on the carcass in that they daily appear to comment that given time Britain, 'might' be able to make a better living outside Europe, once the pound falls to a lower level making exports cheaper.

So thanks gambler Dave. As you said: You promised a referendum at that time never ever thinking you would have to grant one. David Cameron thought he would be in a coalition with the Lib Dems who would block the referendum instead of which he won the election outright and was then left without the Lib Dems able to block the vote.

It was then that Dave Cameron was left with no choice but to keep his promise and hold a referendum. How foolish was that? No wonder Britain is seen on the world stage to be collapsing fast.


Fraser Road, Poole