RABBITS, cats and dogs at Margaret Green Animal Rescue are hoping to find their forever homes this week.

Allan is an 8 month old Lop Cross rabbit who doesn’t like being picked up but does love to be stroked. He is looking for a vaccinated and neutered single female rabbit in need of a companion.

Elmo is a fairly outgoing six-year-old cat who likes affection on her terms. She is looking for a quiet forever home as the only pet.

Fellow feline Phoebe is 13-years-old and looking for a quiet forever home with no other pets.

Irwin is a two-year-old male Greyhound who has a “lovely, lively personality” and is very sociable. He would be best suited to a home without cats and small furries but could live with fellow sighthounds and older children.

Becca is a four-year old female greyhound with a sweet and lively personality. She loves to run and play. Becca would be happiest as the only pet in the home but could live with teenagers.

Pixie is a nine-year-old female Greyhound who loves being around people and is looking for a home where someone will be with her for most of the day. Pixie would prefer to be the only pet in the home.

To rehome the rabbit and cats call 01929 480474 and for the dogs call 01929 471340.