YOUR article of 10th April brought back many happy memories to my wife and I. It was, in fact, an item in the Echo in 1996 concerning Stephen Bath chartering Concorde, organizing a voyage on the iconic QE2 to New York, a two-night stay at the Waldorf Astoria, and returning to Bournemouth on Concorde, that made me telephone him immediately. I remonstrated with him that he had cost me my savings, but I was informed by him we were the 'first to book'.

Stephen is an entrepreneurial marvel and who could resist his talent. I understand he had to pay British Airways £75,000 non-returnable deposit (which was a considerable amount in those days) so he was a very brave man!

Needless to say, the whole eight-day holiday was unforgettable, despite Atlantic gales!

From time of take-off at JFK Airport to flying over Poole Harbour, was 2 hrs 58 mins, but of course Concorde had to circle over the new Forest and land at Bournemouth Airport from the North due to wind direction. The crowds at Bournemouth Airport and the surrounding roads were unbelievable.

Captain David Rowland was flying her that day and apologised for the lack of an in-flight film, as he pointed out none of the Concorde flights were long enough to show a film.

During the flight a four-course meal was served with a choice of main courses consisting of fillet of beef, fresh salmon or haddock and cheese frittata. Wines and, of course, champagne were served continuously.

My wife and I will never forget such a wonderful experience.

Thank you Stephen.

BRIAN TRAVES, Wedgwood Drive, Poole