A CAT was lucky to keep all nine lives after it was rescued from a chimney on a home in the New Forest.

Jaffa the cat was rescued from a roof on Park Close in Brockenhurst when he became stuck and unable to come down.

One crew from Lymington fire station was called to the scene on Wednesday at 11.11am, who used a 9m ladder and a grasper to help the moggy return all four paws to the ground.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “We’re pleased the cat, who was stuck on the top of a chimney on the second storey of a building, roughly ten metres off the ground, was successfully reunited with the owner and grateful to the fire and rescue team for their help.

“Whether scaling trees with no escape route, squeezing themselves into tiny gaps, or falling down a hole they can’t get out of, some cats can get themselves into some very tight squeezes!

“They are naturally curious and inquisitive animals but some cats are better than others at navigating the hazards that may pop up along the way.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire Fire and Rescue said: "We were called yesterday at 11:11am to rescue a cat from a roof of a property on Park Close in Brockenhurst.

"One Lymington crew used a ladder to rescue the cat before the stop came in at 13:22."