AT the point of publishing this letter, I will be driving in Spain, with the possibility of entering France.

This has required that I apply for two driving permits. In order to get these permits I have had to drive 15 miles to three post offices, the government website promise of documents available from the 2nd of April, in all post offices has been missed, or even extended.

These documents are hand written, of mid previous century design, with a glue stuck picture for ID. This is identical to the document that I was issued with 50 years ago, before our membership of the EU sorted this out.

It really is time to stop pandering politely to this Brexit inadequacy. If there is no high tech solution to the driving permit, then what hope is there for our ports or the Irish border? At last we can see the absolute inadequacy of preparation, planning and production. I now have a legal document, for personal identification, that a competent 12-year-old with a lap top and printer can produce. My Nectar card has more intrinsic security.

This farce may not instantly hurt anyone, it has only caused me inconvenience and amusement. The situation with vital medicine and fundamental material supplies will be critical to our population and as the "patch as need be" practice is exposed and the staggering incompetence becomes explicit, all the Brexit fulminations and reference to survival "as we did in the war" will be seen to be what they are, delusional fantasy with no basis in contemporary reality. Time to ask the people again if they have faith in the inadequacy that is obvious from this odious process and its agents of delivery.


Meadow Close, Christchurch