PEOPLE are being urged to look out for hedgehogs during daylight in need of rescue.

Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue had to take in 117 hedgehogs over the winter, many of which were juveniles that were too small to hibernate successfully and had to be kept awake and fed over the winter.

The charity said many hedgehogs had injuries caused by strimmers and other harden machinery or even dogs, while others had respiratory infections caused by lungworm.

Tracy from Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue said: "This is many more than in previous years, eight of them died due to illness and twelve had to be put to sleep due to their injuries.

"Larger numbers than usual have been found lying out in the day and brought into hedgehog rescue centres or vets by concerned members of the public".

She urged people to look out for hedgehogs during the day as at this time of year, they are most likely unwell and in need of care.

Tracy said: "Many people don’t know that hedgehogs out in the day are in trouble. Some exceptions being a mum nest building or taking a break from the nest or any adult that has been disturbed and is seeking safety.”

Anyone who finds a hedgehog, should use gardening gloves or a folded towel to pick it up and put it inside a high-side cardboard or plastic box and keep it indoors in a quiet room away from pets and children before contacting a hedgehog rescuer as soon as possible.

Contact Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue by calling 07587 925 476 or email