I AM concerned about the sweeping statements made by Will Frampton (The View from the Hill, Saturday 6th April), portraying our politicians as "silencing the people in the name of unity".

He writes of "the general assault on both liberty and democracy by our political class, on Brexit and in many other areas".

This is inflammatory and irresponsible language: A number of our MPs have received death threats and abusive letters.

The great majority of them do want to respect the democratic will of the people, but is it unreasonable for some of them to want to confirm the public choice made three years ago, now we are better informed about the consequences (benefits and risks)?

An unprecedented number of MPs - both Brexiteers and Remainers - have resigned their positions out of conscience, not to further their careers.

We are not used to seeking consensus in our British political system, but for Brexit we desperately need to do just that.

It starts with really listening to those we disagree with: to understand them and respect them.

It's not "them and us"; we're all in this together.


Venator Place, Wimborne