THE Clash tribute band London Calling put on a great show at The Old Fire Station, bringing back memories of one of the most important bands to have emerged in the last 40 years.

The Clash were one of the few groups to emerge from the punk era to go on and evolve into something bigger and arguably better with a following the world over.

After the death of Joe Strummer, hope of seeing them again disappeared but thanks to London Calling we can at least taste a small part of what that would have been like.

The venue was pretty well sold with a wide range of ages in the audience including an enthusiastic bunch down the front who I first thought must have arrived a few hours early for the student union do scheduled for later that night but had a great time dancing along to tunes released nearly 20 years before they were even born.

The band took to the stage and launched straight into London Calling followed in rapid succession with Brand New Cadillac, Jimmy Jazz, Hateful and Rudie Can't Fail, all delivered at the same break neck speed so enjoyed by The Clash themselves.

Obviously The Clash had a sound and a stage presence that was all their own so to even get close to recreating that is an almost impossible challenge. Having said that, London Calling give everything and do a better job than anyone else I have seen.

The band are tight and deliver the songs with a passion and energy which transfers to the crowd who respond in kind. Vocals are shared between Reg Shaw, David Devonald and Zep Guatieri with Shane Tremlin keeping the beat from the back of the stage.

The night ends with an excellent version of Train in Vain and a riotous encore of I Fought The Law, Should I Stay or Should I Go and White Riot. Great band, great night!