I AM very concerned about the increase of cyclists exceeding the 10mph speed limit along the seafront of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Since purchasing a beach hut on the promenade at Bournemouth, which the Bournemouth council erected some while ago, which includes about 70 huts, my fear is that a child or adult or animal will be killed by the reckless cyclists who do not take note of the speed limit.

While sitting in the beach hut, which should be enjoyable, we constantly have cyclists speeding along. It would only take a second for any unsuspecting child or adult to run across to the sand and be killed by the speed of the inconsiderate cyclist. I feel with all the beach staff someone could be employed to calculate the speed of a cyclist and if found to be exceeding the 10mph then they should be fined. When speaking to the beach office team, all they say is they know the problem but cannot do anything about it. What do the readers think should be done?


Woodland Avenue, Bournemouth