CHRIS Packham is a celebrated naturalist, television presenter, conservationist and filmmaker, well-known for his work on the BBC’s Spring, Autumn and Winterwatch series.

In this new one man show which visits the Regent centre in Christchurch next week, Chris travels to some of the world’s wildlife hot spots and recounts tales from the frontline.

A tour spokesman said: “Everyone is tempted by glamour, the big, the brash and the beautiful. But Chris likes to champion the underdog and push back at familiarity breeding contempt, so for him humble everyday creatures are just as alluring.

“He likes to ‘make something out of other people’s nothing’ when it comes to photography and loves the challenge of finding beauty in ugly places.

“And when he does travel to some of the world’s wildlife hotspots he wants to see them in a new way, to put some art into his photos.

“But at the core of all his work is conservation so expect tales from the frontline and the full-frontal truth about how we get it wrong and get it right.

“Funny, inspiring, irreverent and packed with information it’s not a lecture, it’s a romp through the wild mind of Chris Packham.”

Chris Packham – Pictures from the Edge of the World is at the Regent at 7.30pm on Wednesday, April 10. Tickets: £22, concessions £20. To book, visit or call 01202 499199.