TOBIAS Ellwood is quoted (April 2) as saying on Question Time that Brexit is the biggest generational decision we face. I believe Diane Abbott said much the same at Radio 4's recent "Any Questions?", live-recorded from St Peter's School.

The statement is not true. The imminent extinction crisis and collapse of biodiversity is many times more important than Brexit. Feedback loops and tipping points are becoming frighteningly visible and climate chaos is on the cards. Harvests, pollinators and soils are at risk. At the latest Boscombe Community Meeting, I challenged a statement made by Cllr Beesley which assumed our young people had a future.

Semi-naked climate campaigners have interrupted a House of Commons Brexit debate and been arrested, accused of "outraging public decency". A growing number of us would say that climate inaction outrages public decency.

The solutions are here but we must urgently change the way we do things. Our politicians don't have time to take a course in risk management. They must listen to the warnings of the scientists. And speedily put in place the sensible policies we need to protect us.

SUSAN CHAPMAN, Parkwood Road, Southbourne