OBJECTIONS have been lodged over plans to build eight homes on former council land.

Earlier this month Bournemouth council agreed to sell a parcel of land in West Howe, which used to host garages, to a developer which said it already had agreements for the surrounding site.

A planning application has been submitted to build eight terraced homes on land to the rear of 4-10 Paddington Grove.

The planning statement describes the scheme as "well-designed and of high quality", with a "high standard of amenity" for residents.

Several letters of objection have been submitted, including one which suggests Japanese knotweed was found on the land in 2018 and cleared out. This could lead to planning restrictions.

One letter, from neighbour Bernard Goswell, says: "The lack of provision of outside space, together with the poor outlook must have an impact on the mental health of those unfortunate enough to live there.

"The council requires an increase in the provision of housing in the foreseeable future, but I cannot imagine it meant people to be provided with ‘rabbit hutches’, or is this just the greed of the developer ‘build them small and cram them in'?