THIS 2018 Audi 4x4 worth some £30,000 has been parked on double yellow lines for more than a week after its driver was arrested.

Police stopped the car in Southcote Road, Bournemouth, on March 21 and arrested the driver at the scene for motoring offences.

Before taking the 49-year-old suspect to the police station, an officer quickly moved the car onto double yellow lines on the side of the road.

They later contacted the vehicle's owner – who was not the arrested man – to tell him where his car was.

But the owner has not bothered to collect his car and the Audi has remained parked in the same spot ever since.

The back of the Audi extends over the driveway entrance of a block of flats making it difficult for residents to drive in and out.

It's also causing problems for lorries making regular deliveries to Southcote News.

Two parking tickets have been slapped on the vehicle by a council traffic warden.

A spokeswoman for Dorset Police said it was up to the Audi owner to shift it.

She said: "A 49-year-old man from London was arrested at the scene for driving offences. The registered keeper of the car was not the driver.

"The car was moved by an officer and we contacted the owner within an hour of the incident to make them aware of its location.

"The vehicle isn't blocking the driveway.

"It is up to the owner to move it."