TODAY Dorset Food Network is launching a new Bloggers’ Hub giving local writers, chefs, business owners, dieticians and nutritionists the opportunity to share their work with a large foodie audience.

The Hub will consist of a regular pool of knowledgeable contributors as well as guest bloggers, all with their own profiles and links to their blog pages.

Readers can learn more about the writers and find new blogs to follow depending on their own personal areas of interest.

Founder of Dorset Food Network, Jon Gwynne said: “I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved in the last six months since the launch of our new website. We’ve had such a positive reaction from everybody we’ve spoken to regarding participating in the Bloggers' Hub and those we’ve approached have jumped at the chance to be involved.

“In the same way as we strive to give local businesses a platform to be discovered, we’d like to offer opportunities for other aspects of our food and drink community. Bloggers provide an insight into their own area of expertise and experience and can advise, educate and entertain with their writing. We’ve made some truly wonderful connections and I cannot wait to get started and see the project grow.

“I’d like to thank RDT Systems and of course the lovely bloggers who have joined us to make this possible.”

* The Bloggers’ Hub can be found at