CHILDREN across Dorset schools are making a splash to highlight the damage plastic is causing the oceans.

Youngsters from Heath Academy Trust’s six first and primary schools are embarking on an ambitious art project to turn plastic washed up on local beaches into sculpture for a special art exhibition.

They are being supported by local artist Peter Marjoram, who has collected the plastic from Chesil Beach and the Fleet in Weymouth.

The children also brought in their own waste plastics, including juice and milk bottles, caps, yoghurt pots and plastic bags, which are a huge source of problems in the sea.

One of the first schools to get the project underway was St James’ CE First School in Alderholt.

Head teacher, Jo Hudson, said: "Our main theme throughout this project is to look at how we can reduce plastic waste so it is not ending up in our oceans.

"The plastic sea creatures we have been making symbolise the wildlife that needs protecting from our own rubbish."

More plastic sculptures made by children from the other Heath Academy Trust schools - St Ives Primary, Three Legged Cross First, St Mary’s and Oakhurst first schools in West Moors and Sixpenny Handley First - will eventually be added to the final exhibition.

The children’s creations will then form the centrepiece of an art exhibition, which will be held on June 29 at Chalbury and Holt Village Hall.