DAVID Blaine will demonstrate his unique style of modern magic and experimental performance techniques in his first ever UK and Ireland tour which includes a date in Bournemouth this summer.

The American illusionist and magician will entertain audiences in Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham and London in June on his Real or Magic tour.

The tour is described as “an experiment in and of itself”, with the promise that “no two shows will be exactly the same”.

A one-man show, his interactive performances will combine Blaine’s sleight of hand with his death-defying endurance acts.

Blaine, 45, rose to fame in 1997 with his debut TV special Street Magic when he was just 23

Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller called it “the best TV magic special ever done.”

Since then he has hosted a number of programmes and has pushed his body to the limits in a number of dangerous stunts.

He was buried alive in a clear coffin in New York City for one week. The following year he stood inside a six-ton block of ice for 63 hours with no food or sleep.

In 2002, he spent 36 hours standing atop a 30-metre pillar without a safety net, suffering a concussion after leaping ten stories into a pile of cardboard boxes.

He also survived for 73 hours with over one million volts of electricity discharged at him continuously from Tesla coils.

In 2003 Blaine endured 44 days of starvation inside a glass box suspended by a crane near the River Thames in London.

Tour promoter Live Nation has warned Blaine's performance will only be suitable for viewers aged 13 or over.

David Blaine will be at the BIC on Saturday, June 15.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, March 29 at 9am.

For all the latest information and tickets as soon as they are available, visit bhlivetickets.co.uk or davidblaine.com.