PLANS to redevelop the listed Daily Echo offices in Bournemouth were withdrawn shortly before they were due to be discussed by councillors.

THAT Group’s application to extend the Richmond Hill building to create more work space as well as a 30-bed hotel, café, gym and events space had been recommended for refusal before it was pulled from the agenda for Monday’s meeting.

An update to councillors said the decision was made to allow “further negotiations” to take place.

Concerns had been raised about the lack of any drop-off point for the hotel and the impact it would have on traffic safety.

A report to councillors by planning officer Ruth Povey described the situation as “unfortunate”.

“The lack of a safe drop-off and pick-up facility represents poor design, with negative impact on safe and convenient pedestrian movement in the area, will not promote walking in this busy town centre location and will be a highway safety hazard,” she said.

Following the publication of the report, and before the meeting on Monday, THAT Group withdrew its application saying it would hold “further negotiations” to improve the scheme.