ENTERTAINER Adrienne Coles is rapidly becoming a hometown hero as host of the Coastal Comedy Club. The rising star has just won the Night Time Award at the inaugural BH Star Awards 2019 and last month’s triple bill was a sell out.

“I didn’t think four years ago, when I started Coastal Comedy in a hotel in Bournemouth, that it would be where it is today – selling out at the Lighthouse theatre and receiving recognition as the best night out to be had in Bournemouth and Poole. I am delighted, and I thank the acts, the audience, my venues and sponsors,” says Adrienne.

“Everyone loves a good laugh and the thrill of seeing a TV headliner close up and live. Anything can happen!”

Coastal Comedy shows are now the last Friday of every month at Hotel Celebrity Bournemouth and every month at Lighthouse Poole.

Adrienne is a one man band, and that’s just how she likes it. “I do everything from organising the venue and booking the acts, to being MC on the night and stacking away the chairs afterwards!”

But what Adrienne really loves is the buzz of live comedy.

“All my life people would say to me that I should be on the stage so I started visiting comedy clubs and was eventually invited to take part in an open mic night in Bournemouth. It was terrifying but also really exhilarating,” she laughs. “I got some good feed back so I started honing my five minutes and going to more open mic nights until eventually I started getting paid gigs.

“My main strength is ad libbing and bantering with the audience. I always have material up my sleeve though just in case, but I try not to use it. When you first start out every word is rehearsed but now I’m so at home in that environment that almost anything can come out of my mouth!”

To get in character before a gig, Adrienne says she has a list of prompts - words that inspire her.

“All comics develop a persona – you never know what yours is going to be as it develops over time. Mine is someone who is really friendly and nice, but then will suddenly come out with a cutting comment. People don’t expect it!

“The men think - she’s too nice she couldn’t really have said that! I really don’t like to upset people though. You don’t want people to feel uncomfortable – you can usually tell if people don’t want to be involved.”

Now Adrienne is also bringing in some of biggest names on the comedy circuit. Last month she hosted a triple bill, a Colossal Coastal Comedy Night at Lighthouse with Lee Nelson, TanyaLee Davis and Paul Tonkinson.

“Lee Nelson was really nice. He was very professional, a stickler for time and he wanted the lights just so. A lot of people thought he was quite sexy too - perhaps it was the tight suit!”

Adrienne is planning another Colossal Coastal Comedy Night at Lighthouse on October 5 which will become a quarterly event next year.

“I’m currently working on Russell Kane, Josh Widdicombe, Joel Dommett and Gary Delaney for next year so I’m very excited about the future!”

* Next up is comedienne Jo Caulfield who will be at Hotel Celebrity Bournemouth on Friday, April 26 with support from Chris Betts and Sam Savage. Advance tickets are £15 or £20 on the door. Doors open at 7.15pm.