I APPRECIATE I am having a bit of a moan here, but it’s an ongoing issue and there must be many people in the area who relate to this.

I made a complaint to the council about the quality of our bin collections, I hope that they respond.

A bag that was poking out of the top was taken out and placed on the pavement, other bags where left in the bin, it was nearly full immediately after collection. This happens regularly after small bin collections and I will find myself having to go to the tip again in my free time, which is valuable to me and very limited.

We do our best to limit our waste but realistically I often feel that the service and collection policies have been changed and reduced to a point that it is no longer fit for service for a family of four like us.

I am left frustrated. I don’t want to spend my limited disposable income on private collections. I don’t like spending my limited free time on regular trips to the tip. This is a service that we pay for through our taxes. Surely there has to be more consideration. The bin service as it stands may be fine for someone living alone or a couple, but a family of four naturally generates more waste.


Edifred Road, Bournemouth