MARCH 19 marked the 90th anniversary of Bournemouth’s Lively Lady; the Pavilion Theatre.

To celebrate this massive accolade, there was a special black and white screening of the classic Warner Bros. 1933 blockbuster hit 42nd Street.

Throughout the evening, the programme was as rich as some of the culture the Pavilion has seen over the years.

To prepare us for a truly traditional experience, a nostalgic recreation of the municipal orchestra took the audience back to the 1930’s prior to the main event. The incredible orchestra stunned us all with a re-creation of a 25 minute musical interlude, and as they sunk back into the orchestra pit, up rose Donald MacKenzie, who happens to be Britain's last full time resident Cinema Organist from London’s Leicester Square Odeon, enhancing the experience and making the atmosphere was as rich as the history of the Pavilion.

Hitting all the right notes, Donald treated the audience to the delights of the organ by playing tunes of yesteryear.

This musical show has been staged almost every decade at the Pavilion and this screening was a perfectly unique opportunity to be re-create an evening as it might have been in the 1930s.

It was the perfect night to highlight the history of a venue that so frequently has stars of today; allowing us to truly appreciate the 90 years of the Pavilion, and hope to 90 more!