YESTERDAY 19th March at around mid-day I tried to cross the level crossing at Wareham Station, it was closed again!

I had my bicycle with me and the only choice was to carry my bike over the footbridge. I am over 70 and I could not do this. There were several Network Rail workers there whom I complained to, although they did not know why it was closed one of them kindly offered to carry my bike over the footbridge.

When we got to the other side there was a woman with a pram and he carried that back the other way for her.

If that had not happened the only way for the woman to get to the other side would have been to walk in the carriageway on the main road over the road bridge, there is no footpath there.

Surely Network Rail cannot just close the crossing during the middle of the day, this has been rumbling on for a long time now, can't anyone do something about!


Morden Road, Wareham