A BID by more than 100 people to have the speed limit lowered on a main road through Broadstone is set to be turned down.

Despite pleas to introduce a 30mph restriction on Lower Blandford Road, a council report says it meets the criteria for the existing 40mph limit.

It recommends that councillors turn down their request, adding it would be “hard to justify” funding the necessary measures needed to introduce the lower speed.

Signed 108 times, a petition calling for a 30mph restriction to be introduced on the road was handed to the council in December.

They said lowering the limit from 40mph would make the road safer for cyclists and pedestrians and reduce the risk of serious crashes.

The petition has been referred to the council’s transportation advisory group for consideration before a final decision is made by cabinet member for transport, Cllr Ian Potter.

A report to councillors recommends the request for the 30mph limit be rejected.

“The only way the limit could be reduced more safely is if the carriageway was constrained, for example narrowed or by having more speed-reducing features added,” it says.

“This work would have to be carried out in ways that didn’t actually introduce hazards of their own and it would be hard to justify funding on the basis of safety improvements in a road where the measures aren’t justified by the accident record.”

The report adds that without the traffic-calming work being carried out, Dorset Police would “struggle” to support the speed reduction.

Concerns were also raised in the petition that roadworks in the area were forcing more vehicles, including lorries, onto the road.

In response, the report says traffic on Lower Blandford Road, Holes Bay Road and Broadstone Way will be reviewed once road improvements have been completed to see what the impact has been.

The report will be considered by the transportation advisory group on Thursday (March 21) when a recommendation will be made to Cllr Potter.