DEAR Cllr Greene, I am totally happy to be a part of the 21st century and fully accept and embrace both its strengths and weaknesses.

I however do not wish to have a smart phone. I use a simple pay-as-you-go one for emergencies, and make full use, as I choose, of my home phone and computer. Everyone has the right to choose.

Personally, I choose to make one larger cash withdrawal to cover numerous small payments as I do not wish to plough through numerous small items on my bank account so as to keep a check on things.

I am also appalled that you assert that the council, of which you are an elected representative of your constituents, "would not want to consult" on the matter.

Surely a council should always be prepared to listen to the people who elected them or have we lost all our democratic rights?


Roman Road, Broadstone, Poole