BOURNEMOUTH parents have reacted with fury after arriving at their children's nursery school for a second week running to find a closure notice tied the the gate.

Last Monday the Queens Park Pre-school in East Way posted a notice in which they claimed the Outstanding-rated nursery was closed due to 'unforeseen circumstances'.

Yesterday's sign said: "Investigations are taking place into the cause of an unforeseen financial crisis. We are greatly saddened that we have come to this decision and apologise again. We are aware of the concerns parents will have and the difficulties this situation presents for all concerned."

However, the notice and the email which accompanied it - which many parents said they did not receive - brought little comfort to dad Gavin Marsh, whose son attended the nursery.

"Last week the email came through at 8.27am in the morning, this time they sent it on the Sunday evening. Where does that leave all of us?" he fumed.

He claimed there had been reports of a meeting of the pre-school's committee on Thursday but no information was made public before Sunday. "My child goes up to school in September but what are we to do until then?" he asked. "The nursery has our funding and I've tried seven other pre-schools with no luck - they don't have spaces."

He also accused Bournemouth Borough Council - which is not responsible for the nursery, for 'fobbing him off'.

Parent Stacey Verhaak said: "Us parents have been appalled by the way the pre school have ignored all of us regarding the closure. We're unable to get any of our funding transferred to a new pre school unless they tell us it’s a permanent closure so we'll have to wait until April 1 or pay the full amount to send our children to another pre school."

All attempts to contact its manager, Amy Sargeant, have gone unanswered.

However, a statement has been issued by the Ocean Learning Trust, which said: "Queen’s Park Pre-school is located within the grounds of Queen’s Park Infant Academy, but is independent of the school and Ocean Learning Trust.

"We were shocked to learn that Queen’s Park Pre-school had closed suddenly, and without notice, last week.

"Many of the students at Queen’s Park Infant Academy have siblings in the pre-school, and this sudden closure has caused significant inconvenience and distress to many of our parents.

£We hope that the Pre-School will be able to re-open again as soon as possible, and we will provide whatever assistance we can."