I’M an EU migrant who has lived in Bournemouth for 20 years and in Britain for 40 years, where I’ve worked, paid my taxes and had my children.

I find Brexit a cause for despair because I do not recognise the country I loved so much that I chose to come and make my life here.

People I thought were rational are ignoring all the evidence and choosing to support a course of action that is at best deeply uncertain and at worst very harmful. Basic tolerance, respect and good humour, which I felt defined the British and made the UK such an attractive place to live in, are fast disappearing, not just on social media but even in ordinary conversations.

I still want to think that common sense will prevail and that is why I will be marching in London on March 23, asking for another referendum (even though I won’t be able to vote in it!) to bring a democratic solution to this mess.

GENEVIEVE TALON, Chine Crescent Road, Bournemouth