A MINUTE'S silence was observed at Christchurch Priory as residents of the Dorset town remembered those affected by the shootings at mosques in their twin town and namesake in New Zealand.

Reverend Canon Charles Stewart invited those attending the Sunday morning service to take part and said it was a moving a special occasion.

The silence followed a number of other touching gestures that have taken place since 50 people were killed by a lone gunman on Friday.

The vicar of the Priory has also written to the Bishop of Christchurch in New Zealand expressing condolences and asked him to pass on the message to the leaders of the two mosques affected.

On Saturday messages of love and support were written on white paper hearts and attached to the gates of the Priory.

Rev Stewart told the Daily Echo: "There are many miles between us and them but we do feel the link strongly.

"We wanted them to know that their twin town here is standing with them in solidarity and prayer."

The paper hearts were placed at the Priory without prior planning and Rev Stewart said: "It is the kind of thing that can happen if people don't know where to go with their thoughts. They come to church."