A DAY centre for adults with disabilities can now offer a wider range of activities, thanks to a £700,000 refurbishment.

Previously known as Barnabas, the facility in Manor Road, Poole, has been unveiled as The Beehive following the 11-month transformation.

The centre, which is run by Diverse Abilities, now boasts a large, fully accessible training kitchen, dedicated physio room and a separate nurse's room, as well as a main hall with new flooring, colour-changing lights, brand new personal care rooms and revamped areas for staff.

With a little more fundraising a state of the art 360-degree immersive sensory room will also be built.

After supporting adults for over 20 years, five days a week, there was a significant need to improve the facilities. Furthermore, the charity increasingly supports adults with very profound disabilities, largely due to medical progress enabling many children complex disabilities to survive in to adulthood where they previously would not.

The Beehive can now accommodate an additional 16 adults with disabilities from the local community - its previous capacity was 45.

The charity held two opening events – one for people supported and their families and another for those that helped towards the development of the centre and commissioners of the service.

Julia Forrest-Wilson, head of adult services at Diverse Abilities, said: “We needed to upgrade the centre to be able to meet people’s needs better. More space was needed including quiet areas for one-to-one activities and sensory work, and space for medical treatment. We needed more dedicated physiotherapy space and also to improve the facilities for activities people enjoy such as cooking.

"The Beehive has always been a hive of activity filled with people working together to achieve the very best for each person we support. Now we have the facilities to match our passion.”

For further information regarding Diverse Abilities visit diverseabilities.org.uk