CONCERNS have been raised that a new convenience store in Shaftesbury will cause a “proliferation” of anti-social behaviour and exacerbate traffic safety issues, a neighbour has claimed.

An application for a 6am-11pm seven days a week premises licence has been submitted by Late Stop for the vacant unit in Mampitts Lane.

However, it has been opposed by people living nearby who say the shop would result in a “severe deterioration” in their quality of life.

Members of North Dorset District Council’s licensing committee will consider Late Stop’s application at a meeting on Friday.

The firm is seeking approval to take over the new-build retail unit in Mampitts Lane and sell alcohol until 11pm.

In its application, it says that an “extensive” CCTV system will be installed and staff given training to prevent any issues connected with the licence.

However, two letters of objection from neighbours to the shop have objected to its proposals.

One of them, Peter Yeo, who neighbours the site, said that the Mampitts Lane area would  “become a focal point for loitering, drinking alcohol in public, anti-social behaviour and littering” if its plans were approved.

“There is no real need for yet another shop, especially one which will cause a certain and severe deterioration in the local quality of life and the local environment,” he said.

“Mampitts Lane is currently a relatively quiet and litter-free place.

“Allowing this unit to become an off-licence that is open from 6am until 11pm every day will reverse both of these good points.

“Litter will proliferate, anti-social behaviour will proliferate and it will disturb the peace of local residents.”

He also raised concerns about the “insanely unsafe” traffic situation and said that the new shop would “vastly increase the likelihood of a child or adult being killed by a speeding motorist”.

A decision on whether to approve Late Stop’s application for a licence to sell alcohol will be made at Friday’s meeting of the council’s licensing committee.