THE GOLF club accused of illegally hacking down a group of majestic pine trees is now at the centre of another inquiry into tree felling, the Daily Echo can reveal.

Poole Borough council has revealed that it is investigating alleged 'discrepancies' relating to other tree felling licenses at Parkstone Golf Club.

The investigation is understood to be running alongside the on-going probe into the felling of a number of mature pine trees at the club, which enraged nearby residents just before Christmas last year.

Residents living in homes that back onto the course accused the club of 'wanton environmental vandalism' after discovering the clump of pines, which lie next to a wildlife pond, had been axed without warning.

They said the 70ft tall specimens provided shelter from the wind and privacy from golfers playing the first hole of the prestigious course, whose members include Harry Redknapp and Women's British Open champion Georgia Hall.

Homeowners claimed members at the £1,725 a year club had been unhappy at the trees obscuring the view of the course's lake from the veranda of the club house, although it boasts about 'standings of mature pines' on its website.

However, on the same website officials at the 109-year-old club said the ongoing felling was aimed at restoring the area to heathland.

Poole Borough Council launched an investigation into the trees' removal.

A spokesman said yesterday that the original complaint was 'very much an on-going investigation' but added: "We are also investigating discrepancies relating to other felling licenses relating to work at Parkstone Golf Club."

Just after the original felling the club says it had asked the RSPB to apply for a Felling Licence from the Forestry Commission as part of the charity's wider work of creating heathland around Poole Harbour.

But the 60 to 80-year-old pines were the subject to a long-standing Tree Preservation Order (TPO)and any bid to remove the protected status had to go through the local authority.