YOU heard it here first. Last night the BIC hosted the UK premiere of the Blue Planet II Live In Concert Tour – and it was a euphoric experience.

Blue Planet II is an eye-opening nature documentary series produced by the BBC, and scored by Hans Zimmer, Jasha Klebe, and David Fleming for Bleeding Fingers Music.

The evening turned out to be a collection of the series’ most poignant footage, void of narration so that the musical score, performed by the brilliant City of Prague Orchestra, could take centre stage.

The opening performance was astounding as the orchestra dived into the main theme for the show, accompanied by a compilation video of some of the footage to come.

You could feel ripples of goosebumps ricocheting around the audience as the atmosphere began to build.

BBC presenter Anita Rani, elegant and enthusiastic, was our host and gave a brief introduction to each section before handing us back to the effusive conductor Matthew Freeman.

The selection of stunning visuals from the TV series, highlighting the incredible natural wonders of our blue planet in breath-taking detail, were projected on a state of the art 200 square metre HD LED screen.

It wasn’t hard to feel like you were really travelling around the world. A fantastical journey from icy polar seas and luminous coral reefs to the darkest depths of the ocean.

The programme featured some of the stars of the series including hundreds of dolphins surfing on waves purely for pleasure, puffins battling artic skuas to feed their offspring, the beautiful but deadly Portuguese Man O' War and the terrifying Bobbit worm (don't ask how it got its name!) as well as underlying the importance of protecting our oceans.

Zimmer, Shea, and Fleming have done magnificent work in crafting a soundtrack that ebbs and weaves, supporting and building the emotion in all of the right places.

There was no need to over-exaggerate, this was just the raw beauty, wonder and danger of our planet captured for us all to see. Spine-tingling stuff.