THE letter in the Echo (March 11) from Cllr Mike Greene, "Flats shouldn't have parking", intrigues me. Is this not the same council that refused an application for hostel rooms for homeless people just down the road because it lacked parking provision?

Bournemouth council needs to think through its development plans and planning policies a bit, and start to get its act together before it loses the plot completely.

There are examples of where homes are provided without dedicated parking, but it is not as straightforward as Cllr Greene claims. Cotlands Road is in a location where public transport links are good, but the cost of using these links is high, and they don't run at the times some people in the real world are forced to work.

Perhaps there needs to be an accompanying travel pass (a "Connect Lite"?) for those who purchase or rent these homes, that allows people to travel for a token amount, say £1 to £1.50 – without restricted times – and more 24/7 bus services to link these new homes with places of work (the hospitals, industrial estates etc) that would cater for shift working.

All these things need to be thought through and built into the calculations of development costs. Councils should set an example and take a lead in sustainable development, not try to emulate certain private developers that just look for the highest returns from the cheapest developments they can get away with. There are examples out there, and local cautionary tales, that might help the development of policies. This is the time to explore them.


Fraser Road