A YOUNG dog could be scarred for life after he was found with severe burns.

Nine-month-old Teddy the Lurcher was taken to Dorset animal rescue centre Margaret Green as a stray, with severe wounds.

Staff were left shocked by his condition, but he is now being treated with a seven-day course of antibiotics and pain relief.

But despite what he has been through, the pup has won over the hearts of all the staff and volunteers at the centre, based in Church Knowle, Purbeck, with his friendly and caring personality.

Because he was a stray, it is not known how Teddy came to be injured, but vets believe his wounds are as a result of being burnt by either fire or chemicals.

Geoff Wright, chief executive of Margaret Green, said: “Sadly Teddy’s condition is just one example of the issues that rescue animals coming into our care are still suffering from. Donations and support for dogs like Teddy really does go a long way to help towards their care and treatment and is always appreciated.

“It is hard to imagine the pain Teddy has been through but Margaret Green Animal Rescue are pleased that he is now in their care with trained staff in animal welfare. It is going to be a long road to recovery for this sweet boy and the team at Lincoln Farm are not sure if his fur will grow back fully or if he will be left with a scar but thankfully the prognosis is looking really good for him. He certainly is full of life and will make a fantastic addition to his forever home once he is ready to be rehomed.”

Teddy needs cream on his wounds twice a day to promote healing, and staff say he is responding to this very well. He is enjoying getting lots of fuss and attention from his carers.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue cares for and rehomes hundreds of animals every year. Every Saturday, the Daily Echo features pets being cared for at the centre who are in need of new homes.

The centre has launched an appeal to help care for animals like Teddy. To donate, visit www.margaretgreenanimalrescue.org.uk/Donate and include the comment: ‘Help dogs like Teddy’.